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Physical Therapy in Manhattan for Baseball

Welcome to SPEAR Physical Therapy's patient resource about baseball.

Baseball is the all American past time and it is definitely the game of spring and summer.  There is nothing better than the crack of the bat, the cheer of the crowd and running the bases after you have hit a double in the gap.  The best and most exciting baseball is played by some of the most well trained athletes on the planet, including Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees and David Wright of the Mets.

Now, it’s not a coincidence that these guys are near the top of their game, after all, they know how to properly condition and train themselves.

Baseball doesn’t have a lot of contact between players, but nevertheless, there is repetitive motion when it comes to throwing, hitting and base running and each movement is explosive and performed at 110%.  Therefore, players must be conditioned properly and all practices should focus on these exercises.

We are here to be a reference point for you, learn about the exercises and stretches that can help with your game and keep you batting 300.

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