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 Physical Therapy in Manhattan for Running

Whether you are an elite runner in the NYC Marathon or you just enjoy running the loop in Central Park, any true runner knows that this sport requires not only incredible endurance and great lung capacity, but that you also had better keep your legs in shape to win your race. 

An often overlooked factor towards peak performance is having optimal running mechanics.  Historically this was always difficult to observe thus it was too often ignored.  Poor running mechanics leads to injury and sub optimal performance. 

Now for the first time you can see your own running mechanics through your physical therapists eyes...welcome to SPEAR's Performance Runners Program! 

Our program is a state of the art,  evidence based, research backed approach that will allow you to reach peak levels of running performance.




























Most running injuries happen in the hips, knees, ankles and feet of runners.  There is not only intense repetitive motion in this sport, but it also requires ample stretching and just a tiny bit of coordination.  In order for you to keep competing, it is necessary that you not only make sure you have a great pair of Nikes at your disposal, but that you also take the time to pay attention to your muscles and your joints as well.  Another often overlooked issue is your running mechanics since until now it was very difficult to observe.


We all love the rush of wind through our hair, the feel of the burn in our legs and the jubilation of crossing the finish line; when you take the time and use the resources we have made available to you on this site, you will be sure not to “hit the wall” too soon.

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NBC News anchor Brian Williams covering the "secret weapon" of video analysis
to optimize the biomechanics of our olympic from Torino

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